Welcome to Prairie Wind Guild, a group of folks in the Chicago-Northern Illinois-Lake Michigan area who are passionate about learning by heart and telling sacred stories. Prairie Wind Guild is associated with the Network of Biblical Storytellers International.

Into the Shadows: A storytelling concert

featuring the stories of Hagar and Esther


Come hear stories of light and shadow, of the unseen, the powerless and the voiceless, of political and personal rivalries, and of courage and hope. Come hear these stories that touch on situations and events existing in our world today, in the master's concert of Biblical Storyteller Becky Potter.

When: Sunday, Nov. 6

Time:   3:00 p.m.

Where: Plainfield United Methodist Church  Address: 15114 S. Illinois St., Plainfield, IL.


Admission is free. An offering will be received to support the domestic violence and sexual assault services of Guardian Angel Community Services in Joliet, Illinois.


Download a poster for your church here.


Nora in Nigeria!

Nora McNamara, PWG member and globe-hopping storyer with Wycliffe Bible Translators is off again - to Nigeria. This is her report on October 2:


In 1992 I got my passport, my shots and my malaria meds, and headed off for my first time overseas with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  I was going to Africa!  Nigeria!  My prayer was that God would show me the realities of the mission field. I thought it would be bugs and heat that would be the difficult reality.


Instead, the reality was needing to be flexible.  We got all the way to Washington DC, only to have our visas revoked because of unrest in Nigeria.  We ended up in beautiful Romania.

Now I am finally in Nigeria!  We are going to be there for 2 weeks scouting out locations for new storying teams.  Guess who their main partner will be, besides Wycliffe?  A Nigerian mission born out of InterVarsity.  AND, I've just been asked to coach interns in language learning for Wycliffe's Global Sign Languages Team. Where do they do their internships?  Romania, of course.


I love how God takes every experience, every talent, and even every desire, and weaves it into a wonderful story for us to live!


Writing on October 3, Nora says: So I found out yesterday that one of the villages is way remote, we'll take public transport to a river, canoe down the river (good thing I'm emailing you because I just remembered sunscreen), and then ride motorbikes out to the village.


So I just packed 6 days worth of clothes and everything I need into my computer backpack (leaving the computer in the city) because you can't take a suitcase on a motorbike.


Tuesday we take a 4-hour bus ride to Minna, where there is a guesthouse and presumably a bed. Wednesday we're doing the canoes, etc. out to Chocolate Village (obviously a pseudonym for security reasons) where we'll spend 2 nights, possibly sleeping on the floor. Friday we reverse the canoes, etc. and go to Barney Village (again a pseudonym, not populated by talking purple dinosaurs), where we'll spend 2 nights.


Sunday we go to another village where there is a Wycliffe translator family, go to church with them, talk about the storying plans for Chocolate and Barney, and then spend the night in Minna again. Monday we're back to the city where Wycliffe is based for planning meetings all day Tuesday, and then 5 hours to the airport Wednesday.


Please pray for great conversations in all these places, and that just the right people would be available to talk with us. Ask Holy Spirit to speak for and through us!  Pray too that God will even now be calling just the right adventurous, tenacious people to take on the challenge of living in and learning the Chocolate and Barney languages, to get God's story into those languages who have never heard. This will not be an easy place to serve for 3-4 years!


Thanks for praying!!