Welcome to Prairie Wind Guild, a group of folks in the Chicago-Northern Illinois-Lake Michigan area who are passionate about learning by heart and telling sacred stories. Prairie Wind Guild is associated with the Network of Biblical Storytellers International.

Registration is open for the Network of Biblical Storytellers 2015 Festival Gathering, now in a new place: the 4-H center near Washington DC!


Festival Gathering is a great opportunity to experience excellent biblical storytelling, learn the art, take the family to see some sights in the nation's capital, and more. FG is tremendous fun and this year there's going to be a youth program for 5th-8th graders too. The 4-H Center is very family-friendly.

Time to plan for Festival Gathering

PWG folks also carpool to save more money. Email Beth Galbreath to ask about sharing a ride.

PWG member teaches in Trinidad


OK... if you had to look up the location of Trinidad, you're not alone. It's a small island off the coast of South America (Venezuela) linked politically with the even smaller island of Tobago.

Prairie Wind Guild member Nora McNamara is also a biblical storytelling teacher for Wycliffe Bible Translators (what a dream job, except for the constant need for money!). She reports on her workshop there:


I just got back from Trinidad, where the participants really got the vision for storying.  One was Judy, in the picture above, who decided to follow Jesus at the age of 69, she's 77 now.  One of her ministries is going to a women's prison and teaching girls aged 14-17 who are (illegally) in the adult prison in an attempt to scare them straight.  One fourteen year old can't read, but loves her Bible, she carries it around, clutching it to her like a teddy bear, all day long.  Judy is excited about helping these girls learn Scripture by heart.  .

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Invite a Team of Tellers to your church

for an Epic Telling of The Gospel of Mark

or the Elijah Cycle!

An Epic Telling is a powerful experience of a book of the Bible or a series of stories told by a team of tellers in one sitting. It's a completely different experience from hearing Scripture read in church, or from reading it in silence to oneself. The text comes to life and pulls us in.


Prairie Wind Guild biblical storytellers can come to your church to present the entire Gospel of Mark, Stories from Mark, or The Elijah Cycle.

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Update on PWG's biblical storytelling radio show in Cameroon, West Africa!

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PWG member Sharon Davis sends this report from Cameroon in West Africa about the radio program that Prairie Wind Guild has helped make possible through a $1,000 donation:

A weekly thirty minute program, "Biblical Storytelling Time," will run on the Cameroon Baptist Convention radio station, hosted by Pastor Kaiser Nformi. Kaiser will travel to villages about monthly to record at least 6 different stores, told in English, Kom, and pidgen [a trade language based on English and local language], for a month's programs. He'll prepare short sermons and set up each story's background. Each teller will give a testimony of how the story has impacted his or her life.


In Belo they can't receive the CBC radio station, so the program will be recorded on CD and sent to play on the community radio station in Belo. The mayor of Belo arranged for free air time because "they have plenty of blank air time!" Other community stations are also being asked to play the programs for free.


This multiplying radio ministry is the result of folks at PWG tellings contributing to the work of the guild. Thank you! Sharon writes, "We have been able to pay for air time at the CBC radio station and buy equipment to record and edit the tellings, etc. We are praying for the additional funds needed to produce the program for one year."


If you would like to make a personal contribution toward the cost of the show, email Sharon Davis.

           ...more news from Cameroon

The Gospel of Mark runs about 2 hrs 20 minutes, including a 10-minute intermission. It's like an evening of going to the movies, but it's live! If a shorter program is needed, about 90 minutes, a team can present Stories from Mark or The Elijah Cycle.


Elijah allows us to experience most of the stories of the greatest of the Hebrew prophets and the one with whom Jesus identified John the Baptist. Hearing the stories together brings new insight into the reasons for that connection. Note: We're rating Elijah PG13.


PWG asks for no money up front when we come to your church, only that an offering be received to support the work of the guild, such as the radio show in Cameroon and scholarships to Festival Gathering. Email Rebecca Potter today to schedule a presentation of Mark or Elijah!