Available Programs from Prairie Wind Guild Teams

Has Your Congregation Invited Prairie Wind Guild for a Telling?


Every congregation has an occasional need for a special program. If you haven't ever considered inviting a team of tellers, what's holding you back? It can't be cost - we don't ask for money up front. We do ask for an offering to be received to support the work of the guild.


Telling the Scripture by heart is a sacred event that binds listeners and tellers together in community. And storytelling is the only art that absolutely cannot be practiced by oneself. Think about it - You can sing in the shower, you can paint or photograph a sunset alone, but you can neither tell nor listen to a story by yourself.


As the 2016-17 program year begins, please consider inviting a team of tellers for a special program at your church, and invite folks from the neighborhood and other churches as well! Email Becky Potter to schedule.  Prairie Wind Guild tellers offer a number of different kinds of programs for different needs. Here's a list - please, pick one!

The Gospel of Mark


Mark is our flagship presentation: An opportunity to experience the power of the entire story of Jesus as it was originally heard by Mark's audiences in the Roman Empire, although by a team of diverse voices instead of just one! One hears new and different things when one hears it all together.


Mark's Gospel is the shortest of the gospels. The full Gospel of Mark presentation lasts 2 hrs 20 minutes - about the same as a blockbuster movie, but the telling includes a 10-minute intermission. It's great for a special stand-alone Sunday afternoon event. New in 2017, we're working on adding some musical flourishes composed by a new member of the group, Bonnie Johansen-Werner!

Stories from Mark


Looking for a shorter program? Stories from Mark presentations are typically 90 minutes and can be tailored to your particular focus.


The stories presented also depend on which tellers are available on your date.

Best of Prairie Wind Guild


Best of PWG is a variety program of personal, secular, and sacred stories - "our favorites." It may also include beautiful piano or vocal music; no two presentations are likely to include identical material. It typically runs about 90 minutes.

The Elijah cycle


The stories of Elijah in the Hebrew texts were very important to Jesus, who identified John the Baptist with the spirit of Elijah's prophetic ministry, but they are among the less familiar Old Testament stories. Full of fire and political drama, and also spiritual struggle with faith and doubt, Elijah's stories speak to 21st Century people of faith in challenging and comforting ways.


PWG tellers bring a selection of stories of Elijah to life, along with a few about John the Baptist, revealing the connections in Jesus' mysterious sayings about how Elijah's ministry was continued in John.


The Elijah cycle runs about two hours, like an afternoon at the movies. Be aware: Not all sections of the story are appropriate for young children. Rate it "PG13."

Stories from the Acts of the Apostles


The book of Acts of the Apostles, sometimes also called the Acts of the Holy Spirit, is another little-preached-on book, but what a marvelous set of adventure stories it is! Tell us your time slot, typically 90 minutes to two hours, and we'll select sections that will challenge and inspire!

An Epic Telling is a powerful experience of a book of the Bible or a series of stories told by a team of tellers in one sitting. It's a completely different experience from hearing Scripture read in church, or from reading it in silence to oneself. The text comes to life and pulls us in.