Sharon’s  Biblical storytelling started in the North West region of Cameroon, West Africa where she was an Evangelical Covenant missionary for 2.5 years.  Her ministry is holistic community development, she used Biblical storytelling as a way to teach marginalized people how to make disciples for Christ in Cameroon.


Prior to going to Cameroon, she researched the people, customs, history, politics etc. As a community developer, she knew she needed to “start with what they know.”  Cameroonians, like many peoples of the developing world, are oral learners and they are storytellers. Sharon needed a culturally appropriate and field-reproducible method of reaching and training non literates (oral learners) how to make disciples for Christ.


Sharon enrolled in Beth Galbreath’s online Biblical storytelling course.  She didn’t have time to practice her new found skills in front of a group before leaving the USA; she was armed with book knowledge but no practical skills. Beth introduced Sharon and George Vimensi Minang, a biblical storyteller in Cameroon, to each other via email. They met, and "the rest is history!"


Sharon says, “From that first face to face telling the Lord has used our skills and knowledge to reach many people in many denominations through workshops.” She and George organized the first Network of Biblical Storytellers International biblical storytelling institutes in Cameroon in early 2013, helping to launch NBS Cameroon.


From those workshops we have tellers all over Cameroon and other African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Central Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Mali and Madagascar.


Sharon is back in the USA and now holding workshops and telling where ever she can.  Contact her here.